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Labellerr Helps This Non-Profit Research Institute In Validating Quality of Labels

Our non profit research institute customer uses AI to its full potential to identify the weak places that underlie the world's most pressing issues and then devise creative fixes for them.

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This Supply Chain Organization Uses Labellerr for Model-Assisted Labeling

One of our client is a fully integrated producer and supplier of packaged food items. Their business is divided into four segments. Cooking oil, margarine, reducing, corrugated paper boxes, crude palm oil, kernel, and regular line tin cans are all produced under its Manufacturing section.

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This Beauty Tech Startup Uses Labellerr to Get High Quality Labelled Images

This startup completely redefine how the aesthetics business scores and measures patient improvement. They contribute to the creation of Advanced AI SkinTech Technologies for Dermatology, Aesthetics, and Skin Care.

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How Perceptly Uses Image Similarity To Fasten Up Annotation

Perceptly helps Ad agencies to analyze the real reason of what and why their creatives worked or not. Its creative optimization engine identifies messaging, visual and copy elements that are driving performance.

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