Labellerr vs Appen

AI assisted collaborative SaaS platform that enables computer vision teams to easily connect already available data and make it ready for most powerful training data platform with feedback loop

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  • turnaroundtime
    Less Turnaround Time

    Labellerr provides custom support with an end to end AI platform for training the data.
    Its turnaround time is less then Appen to complete the whole process and to quickly build an ML model.

  • featureimage
    Project Qualification and Approval

    In labellerr, Project creation, qualification and approval process is faster and can complete in a short time span.
    Our team's focus is always on how to make clients' ML team life easier. We help ML teams to check the status of a project at each stage where they struggle to find out the state of the file.

  • feedbackloop
    Smart Feedback Loop

    Labellerr has the feature of smart feedback loop that automates the whole process, making the overall data pipeline more efficient and easy to manage without missing a beat.  
    It stores all the activities, remarks, guideline and see the images, videos at pixel level to make computer vision data pipeline automated.