Accelerate data annotation
workflow  with Labellerr

Reduction in manual interventions
Faster rectification of false positive and false negative

Reduction in development cost

 Accelerate Your Data preparation
workflow  with Labellerr

Value We Create

Labellerr creates value to
AI-ML Heads by-

  • Allowing custom quality control process in place
  • Easy integration to any MLOps setup
  • Creating automated pipeline

Labellerr creates value to CTOs by-

  • Allowing one view dashboard to check annotation pipeline health
  • Providing easy UI to train and collaborate the team in tandem ensuring timeline met
  • Managing the workforce to achieve the result in a given budget

Labellerr creates value to Domain experts by-

  • Allowing them to run the project with iterative guideline
  • Providing them access into the work of their annotation team
  • Pinpoint into the error in labels even for large datasets

Customer Testimonial

David Ben Abou
Director of Engineering, Intuition Robotics
labellerr david ben

Labellerr tool has been very useful to get our transcript annotated and that too quickly

Nakul Jain
Project Delivery, Wadhwani AI
Nakul Jain

Labellerr’s contribution to the project has been pivotal. Thank you so much for quality work that helped us.

Will Dehnert
Co - Founder, Perceptly Inc.
Will Dehnert

Labeller team help me with the project with our multiple clients. I enjoyed working on the platform because of the simple UI.

 Accelerate your data preparation
workflow with Labellerr

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