Labellerr vs CVAT

AI assisted collaborative SaaS platform that enables data science teams to easily connect already available data and make it ready for most powerful training data platform with feedback loop

Explore labellerr
  • Custom Support

    Labellerr provides custom support with an end to end AI platform for training the data for each type of annotation.
    In CVAT, Support for certain types of annotations is very limited and exists for certain attribute annotation, entity recognition, and OCR annotation only.

  • documentation
    Detailed Documentation

    You can see the details of each and every page & functionality of labellerr in help section of website.
    Limited source code documentation is there in CVAT. If you want to get your hands on the development side, it won’t be easy.

  • advancefilter
    Advance and Extensive Filters

    Labellerr has the feature of Advance filters based on the file activity status such as no. of files annotated, reviewed, client reviewed, rejected, skipped etc.
    It also has an extensive filter based on Dataset levels, Range of dates, Cumulative score and Remarks given.
    In CVAT, there is no annotator-based filter. The search for tasks done by a specific person needs to be done by hand. It’s fine for smaller projects with 30 tasks but is very time-consuming for 100+ task projects.