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Discover a whole new area of biotechnologywith Labellerr, which turns data into discoveries. Our precision fuelsinnovation in everything from microorganisms to cell segmentation.

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Illuminating the Future of Life Sciences with Precision-Driven Computer Vision

Our proficiency in computer vision drives innovation, enabling advancements in Biotechnology and Life Sciences. Our solutions redefine precision in biological analysis, from accurate cell segmentation to embryo detection, and from differentiating filled from empty tablets during production to picture classification of microorganisms. Embark on the Bio Revolution with our cutting-edge technology, where each pixel opens up new vistas for exploration and changes the course of research to produce life-altering discoveries.

OUr usecase

Production usecase examples

Safety compliance

Cell Segmentation:

With its unmatched accuracy in cellular analysis unlocks the mysteries of the cell and makes exact cell segmentation possible, revolutionising biological and medical research.

Face detection

Embryo Detection:

Embryo detection, which guarantees improv embryo selection and subsequent advancements in fertility treatments.

Vehicle Surveillance

Pills Manufacturing (Empty/Not Empty):

inspect the production of pills. It can identify between filled and empty capsules, maintaining quality control and protecting the effectiveness of medications.

Perimeter sensing

Micro-organisms Image Classification:

navigate the microscopic world, is particularly good at classifying images of microorganisms and can provide unparalleled precision in revealing important information for micro biology research.

City management

Protein Structure Recognition:

advances drug discovery by providing researchers with a clear view into intricate chemical structures to drive novel pharmacological discoveries.

Anomaly detection

Biological Sample Tracking:

revolutionising laboratory operations and ensuring smooth biological sample tracking, which improves accuracy and dependability in research and experimental procedures.

Anomaly detection

Gene Expression Analysis:

ability to decode the language of genes, gene expression analysis is made easier, enabling researchers to better understand genetic patterns and personalised therapy.


What is Labellerr, and how does it revolutionize life sciences and biotech with precision annotations?


With careful annotations, Labellerr is a cutting-edge annotation service that revolutionises biotech and the life sciences. Labellerr is an accuracy-focused tool that offers accurate labels for a variety of data formats, including pictures and videos.

Labellerr's precision annotations play a crucial role in expediting advances in critical sectors such as genetic research, pathology identification, image analysis, and drug discovery by facilitating the development of extremely accurate machine learning models.

What are the key use cases of Labellerr in the life sciences and biotech industry?


Labellerr plays a crucial role in numerous important use cases in the biotech and life sciences sectors. It performs exceptionally well in cellular imaging, drug development, disease detection, medical image analysis, and genomic research.

Labellerr makes it easier to train machine learning models for applications like disease identification, cellular structure analysis, and major advances in pharmaceutical research by offering accurate annotations.

How does Labellerr enhance safety compliance in the life sciences industry?


Labellerr provides accurate annotations for safety-related data, which improves safety compliance in the life sciences sector. Labellerr ensures that machine learning models are trained on excellent, precisely labelled data, regardless of the application—lab safety monitoring, danger detection, or compliance checks.

This, in turn, guarantees general safety compliance inside life sciences facilities, improves safety processes, and permits early hazard detection.

How does Labellerr support advancements in drug discovery through protein structure recognition and gene expression analysis?


Labellerr provides accurate annotations for gene expression and protein structure data, which greatly aids in the progress of drug discovery.

Precise annotations are crucial in the drug discovery process because they enable the training of models capable of analysing gene expression, identifying putative therapeutic targets, and analysing protein structures.

The creation of machine learning models is greatly aided by Labellerr's dedication to producing high-quality annotations, which in turn accelerates drug discovery in the biotech and life sciences sectors.

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