Interactive Demo of Labellerr's Feature

Experience first hand how our advanced data labeling tool helps our users to effectively manage their annotation projects.

Assigning Files to Users

In this demo, we have showcased how in a live project Admin can assign one/multiple files to one specific users and also change the status of files from reviewed to back to annotation pipeline.

  • Make sure no file stuck to any particular annotator in case of unavailability
  • Adjust the data pipeline, in case guidelines get updated in the middle of a live project.
  • Assign file to one team to another team whoever performing better

Filter Files by Remarks

In this demo, we have showcased how admin can filter and review those files where annotators have given some doubts remarks.

  • Admin can understand where annotators are struggling with guidelines
  • Get the edge case scenario in dataset quickly.
  • Quick communication between annotation team and admin.

Review the Selected Files Only

In this demo, we have showcased how Admin can select file/files and create a Review project on desired files only.
Admin has option to select file based on filter that needed to be review only or needed to review first.

  • Additional freedom to start the review process, apart from random review.
  • Filter files based on annotator, dataset, time period to start the review process.
  • Save time on going through each files one by one.

Advanced Annotation  Analytics Dashboard

In this demo, we have showcased how Admin can check the overall health of an annotation project.
Quick view into the data pipeline, class/object distribution, works done by annotators and their annotation velocity and more.

  • Assess the work done by annotators.
  • Assess the speed of annotation to validate effort based cost
  • See the class distribution in dataset to curate it better.

Check Annotators Performance

In this demo, we have showcased how admin can filter files done by one/multiple annotators on which they want to check performance analysis.

  • Quickly identify the good and bad performer
  • Take the next action
  • Ensure only the good annotator are working in a project

Quick Quality Check

In this demo, we have showcased how admin quickly check the quality of annotation without checking each file one by one.
Labellerr's grid view section allows admin to see the annotation visualization of multiple file in quick view.

  • Get high level annotation quality quickly
  • Select upto 50 files based on filter criteria
  • Save time

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