Automated Data Annotation Platform With Custom Workflow

Labellerr's data labeling engine uses automated annotation, advanced analytics and smart QA to process  million images and thousands hrs of videos in just few weeks.

What is Data Annotation

Data annotation is a process to turn unstructured data (like images, videos, text and audio) into structured data to make it ready for model training. Today we find ourselves surrounded by large volume of raw data. Our data annotation platform helps AI teams to create high quality labelled data for computer vision model training.

Types of Data Annotation

Based on project requirement one can multiple different annotation on data for example classification, bounding boxes, polygon and key point annotation. One can perform data labeling on different modalities like image annotation, text classification, semantic annotation, video annotation etc.

Data Annotation Solution

Image Annotation

Image Annotation

Object detection, object tracking, segmentation and classification are some of the most popular image labeling methods. Labellerr support all kind of image labeling.

Video Annotation

Video Annotation

Labellerr support classification, tracking, key-point annotation, and object detection on a video or image sequence with auto labeling feature.

Text annotation

Text annotation

Name entity recognition, sentiment analysis, classification, intent annotation and more on text data with automation can be performed on our platform

What Industries need Data annotation



Let Labellerr be your trustworthy partner in healthcare innovation as we turn unprocessed data into invaluable insight with our thorough annotation services, opening the door for ground-breaking study and individualized patient care.



Labellerr's annotation services bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and compassionate agriculture for a better future using the synergy between human knowledge and artificial intelligence.

Vision for Retail

Vision for Retail

Labellerr's smart feedback loop helps ML team to automate their computer vision data pipeline efficiently. Even at production!



With Labellerr, computer vision team manages their data pipeline at ease. Our "smart feedback loop" is designed to remove the manual data curation, quality check and label process.
Security & Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

Some of the production usecase example where Labellerr's revolutionary "Smart Feedback Loop" helping ML teams to get ground truth labels and model training super fast and simple.

Data annotation process

Easy data ingestion from
multi-cloud environments
Enable the ML team to
perform exploratory data analysis
Detect labels using model-assisted
& zero-shot approaches
Indicate the data that
need manual labeling
Automate the custom
Connectmodel for smart data
curation for upcoming data batches

Customers love us for...


High Quality Data

Procure curated annotated datasets for multiple use case
Proven methodology and expertise to measure and deliver quality results
Built-in features that monitor and improve quality during and after annotations
Inter annotator agreement

Data Privacy & Security

Use best practices of data protection and privacy. Enhanced Authentication as well.
IAM (Identity and access management) provided by third party cloud providers
Doesn’t store the customer raw data in its own cloud while enforcing a sensitive metadata deletion policy.
Pseudonymization, Redaction and Masking can also be enabled based on PII

Highly curated and trained professional annotators at scale

Access to world’s best annotation workforce with decades of experience
Availability of domain experts from various industries
Reduced bias in results thanks to our globally representative workforce in every continent
5000+ trained full-time annotators from secured facility with complete supervision

Ease of use

Highly intuitive user interface with annotation job templates and 24/7 support
Support all kind of data for computer vision AI and annotation types
One shop solution for your tool and human in the loop requirement
Highly intuitive user interface with annotation job templates and 24/7 support
Powerful API integrations to connect into your existing MLOps infrastructure

Unmatchable speed

Smart feedback loop governing end to end data pipeline.
How it works
Auto-Labeling powered by machine learning models to increase data annotation
Quick onboarding from guideline creation to annotation
Proprietary datasets and pre-trained models to speed up project initialization

Enterprise ready

On-premise data, integrations in AWS Sagemaker, GCP Vertex, Azure ML, and more
For enterprises that work in environments without internet access, Labellerr offers a fully on-premise solution. The software can be deployed either in your cloud infrastructure or on your own hardware
Labellerr allows you to upload data to its encrypted storage through UI, CLI, or Python SDK. The uploaded data can be versioned, used for model training, model versioning, and deployment. All data or models created through Labellerr’s encrypted storage solely belong to its creator


Gives users power to manage and govern the training data project in single view
Full visibility of the project thanks to highly interactive and analytics rich dashboard
User level authorization to supervise the annotation workflow
Multiple method to check the accuracy and pinpoint the problem at each data point level
Setup Alerts on mobile and email to keep track of labeling quality

Best Pricing in the industry

Only data annotation platform that cost you per image not per annotation.
Most cost efficient data annotation service with expert annotators.
No unnecessary long term contract.
Feel free to use for small proof of concept or large scale long term project
Labellerr’s contribution to the
project has been pivotal. Thank
you so much for quality work that
helped us.
Nakul Jain
Project Delivery, Wadhwani AI
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Labellerr been able to provide 99.5% accurate labels without loosing the track of data with it's meta description in just 3 days of turn around time.
Will Dehnert
Co - Founder, Perceptly Inc.
Labellerr tool has been very
useful to get our transcript
annotated and that too quickly
David Ben Abou
Director of Engineering, Intuition Robotics
Labellerr’s contribution to the project has been pivotal. Thank you so much for quality work that helped us.
Nakul Jain
Project Delivery, Wadhwani AI
Labeller team help me with the project with our multiple clients. I enjoyed working on the platoform because of the simple UI.
Will Dehnert
Co - Founder, Perceptly Inc.
Labellerr tool has been very useful to get our transcript annotated and that too quickly
David Ben Abou
Director of Engineering, Intuition Robotics


Why is Data Annotation Important for AI and ML?


Data annotation is the process to create a meta information layer over data, that help algorithm identify objects inside the image pixel level or classify the category of image/text/pdfs/audio. It is the prerequisite to model training.

How Does Data Annotation Work?


Data annotation is the process to tag data at classification level or pixel level meta description creation. Human tag data based on guideline created by ML team that AI suppose the detect or classify the data.

What Types of Data Annotation Platforms Are Available?


There are different data annotation platform available in the market. For example open source free tool with limited functionality and premium paid tool that comes with all the features necessary to manage data annotation process efficiently. Labellerr is a premium tool that can handle 2D images, pdfs, audio, video and text file and also provide expert-in-the-loop.

Are Data Annotation Services Secure and Private?


Yes, all our service providers are security compliant.

How Much Does Data Annotation Cost?


That depends on data complexity and data volume. Please refer Labellerr pricing here.

What Are Some Common Challenges in Data Annotation?


Managing the quality of annotation, speed of throughput and user management are some of the common challenge in data annotation, Labellerr's platform and team is well eqipped to handle all possible challenges in data annotation.

What Industries Use Data Annotation?


Practically all major industries use data annotation. Primarily automotive, defence, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, government, and agritech uses data annotation.

Is Data Annotation the Same as Data Labeling?



How Can I Ensure Data Annotation Quality?


By putting up a process of multiple quality check layer and automation can help to ensure data annotation quality.

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