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Create high-quality and accurate text annotations for accurate models at scale.
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Most Comprehensive Text Labeling Platform

Label large size of text datasets with automated workflow. Get high quality training data for NLP and other use case.

Sentiment analysis

Detect sentiments and emotions expressed in texts, like whether a given statement is positive, negative, or neutral. Identify the mood like happy, anger or disgust.


Label the most important information within a text by annotating key sentences or phrases that capture the essence of a text to create a summary version of text files.


Select the phrase or sentence to translate it into different languages. For example English to French or German to Italian and more

Named-entity recognition

Tag named entities in text into predefined categories such as ID, Name, Place or Price.

Text classification

Classify your texts by assigning them with classes based on their contents

Question answering

Match questions with their corresponding answers to train the model  to generate accurate responses.

Automate Your Text Annotation Pipeline

Create custom automated data workflows, collaborate in real-time, QA review, with complete visibility into your AIOps

Customize Text Annotation Pipeline

Create and automate text labeling workflows to manage the annotation projects. Add multiple users with multiple roles, multiple review cycle, build consensus with inter-annotator agreement, and annotation stages.

Text Labeling Services

Get professional text annotators and linguists who care about quality and accuracy. We provide fully managed service, so that you can focus on other important aspects. (edited)

Build Vision/NLP/LLM Model Faster With 75% Less Cost

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