Frequently asked questions

What kind of data Labellerr supports?

Labellerr’s platform supports computer vision data types such as images, video, documents, geospatial, LIDAR, medical imaging etc.

What kind of annotation Labellerr supports?

Labellerr’s platform supports bounding box, key points, segmentation, poly lines, classifications, polygons, 3d cuboid, etc.

Does Labellerr provide human in the loop?

Yes, we provide curated 3rd party data annotation workforce best suited for your use case and industry. We don’t work via crowdsource model. All the workforce can easily accessible via our platform.

Does Labellerr provide fully managed service?

Yes, we provide managed service around computer vision AI.

Does Labellerr also provide on-premise solution?

Yes, we provide on-premise solution.

Does Labellerr provide white label?


What kind of data security compliance Labellerr follows?

All our data labeling workforce partners come with all necessary compliances like ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO/IEC 9001:2015, GDPR, SOC-2. We put data security at paramount importance, protecting data as early as possible on ingestion and ensuring that only authorized users and applications can access the data only when and as needed.

Which cloud infrastructure Labellerr supports?

Labellerr has partnership and integration already available for all the major cloud providers for ex-AWS, GCP, Azure etc. Other integrations are also available based on request.

Can I use Labellerr platform to review my past annotation quality?


What level of analytics Labellerr tool provide?

Our platform provide a high level of transparency and give user level, data level and activity level analytics. We have multiple AI powered method to compare and check annotation quality in real time.

What different output format Labellerr supports?

Our system support JSON, CSV, YOLO V5, COCO as a standard output format. If you have any custom requirement please share.

Does Labellerr provide API access?


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