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We are leading the era of AI-first Software

Our mission is to develop the tools and methodologies for enabling accurate, efficient and scalable artificial intelligence based products
Humans are collecting data at the unprecedented scale and 80% of them are images and videos. These data can become very helpful to solve multiple real world problems.
Computer vision is one such technology that can bring automation to the next level and can perform task that was unthinkable before.

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Why we're here and

How it all started

It was 2018, Puneet  (Co-founder & CEO, Labellerr) who spent 7 years leading ML teams in various large enterprises looking for reasons for low AI adoption rate, read an article in Gartner about the global statistics of 80% failure rate of AI project.

He couldn't stopped thinking around it and while discussing with folks in the ML community he found that the report resonates with most expert as well. More discussions suggested that data preparation is THE bottleneck in overall computer vision AI workflow, as it is most time consuming, manual and expensive component. Most ML leaders stated that "high dependency" on human-in-the-loop is the key factor for killing the project, .

After this insight he and few team members built a technology to bring automation in every stage in computer vision workflow, and called it "Smart feedback loop".At first, we shared it with the community and run several iteration to perfect it. In 12 months it got its first enterprise customers and then very quickly few more.

Now, we're working on solving problems of enterprise ML teams from automotive, medical imaging and manufacturing by providing a platform on which they can collaborate, ensure data quality and reduce project timeline. If you're solving computer vision problem and working in any of above mention industry, we would love to hear from you.
Our team

True professionals ready to help you grow.

Puneet Jindal

Founder, CEO

Sumit Singh

Co-founder, CBO

Neeru Gupta

Co-founder, COO
Who we work with

There's a reason we have amazing clients.

We're building a platform to help ML teams across the industry to build computer vision AI to solve real world business problems.
We've built a training data platform that works as a single platform to create training data, manage the quality and build high performing models in iteratative fashion with ease.

Build Vision/NLP/LLM Model Faster With 75% Less Cost

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