AI assisted collaborative SaaS platform that enables data science teams to easily connect already available data and make it ready for most powerful training data platform with feedback loop

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Hear what our clients say

Labellerr tool has been very useful to get our transcript annotated and that too quickly

David Ben Abou
Director of Engineering,
Intuition Robotics

Labellerr’s contribution to theproject has been pivotal. Thankyou so much for quality work thathelped us.

Nakul Jain
Project Delivery, Wadhwani AI

Labeller team help me with the project with our multiple clients. I enjoyed working on the platform because of the simple UI.

Will Dehnert
Co - Founder, Perceptly Inc.

Ease of use

Highly intuitive user interface with annotation job templates and 24/7 support
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Support all kind of data for computer vision AI and annotation types
One shop solution for your tool and human in the loop requirement
Highly intuitive user interface with annotation job templates and 24/7 support
Powerful API integrations to connect into your existing MLOps infrastructure

Highly curated and trained professional annotators at scale

Access to world’s best annotation workforce with decades of experience
Availability of domain experts from various industries
Reduced bias in results thanks to our globally representative workforce in every continent
5000+ trained full-time annotators from secured facility with complete supervision

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Labellerr or V7 Labs: Which platform provides more flexible pricing options?


Labellerr's per-image pricing strategy is cost-effective and scalable, allowing users to pay for the number of images annotated that they require. While V7 Labs is quite costly, Labellerr's per-image pricing enables optimal cost control and resource utilization.

How does Labellerr's auto-labeling capability compare to V7 Labs'?


Labellerr's auto-labeling feature employs cutting-edge machine learning techniques to provide efficient annotations quickly. V7 Labs, on the other hand, may not provide the same degree of intricacy and precision in its auto-labeling capabilities.

What data formats are supported by Labellerr and V7 Labs?


Labellerr's platform supports image, video, document, geographic, LIDAR, medical, and other computer vision data types. V7 Labs supports a variety of file types, including uncompressed images in.png, PDF documents in.pdf, and movies in.mp4 and.mov.

Can Labellerr handle large audio datasets for annotation and training?


Labellerr can handle large audio datasets for annotation and training. Labellerr supports a wide range of data formats, including audio, and offers a full platform for annotating and labeling audio data at scale.

Does Labellerr or V7 Labs offer 24/7 customer support?


Labellerr provides customer service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Labellerr's dedication to offering a smooth experience and immediately answering any inquiries or difficulties is demonstrated by the availability of round-the-clock service.

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