AI assisted collaborative SaaS platform that enables data science teams to easily connect already available data and make it ready for most powerful training data platform with feedback loop

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Customizable workflows
Integrated quality control
Multiple Language Data Annotation Support
Built-in quality control features
Dedicated customer support
Per Image level Pricing
Workflow Automation Support
Progress Tracking
Multiple Export Format Support
Large-Scale Project Support
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Hear what our clients say

Labellerr tool has been very useful to get our transcript annotated and that too quickly

David Ben Abou
Director of Engineering,
Intuition Robotics

Labellerr’s contribution to theproject has been pivotal. Thankyou so much for quality work thathelped us.

Nakul Jain
Project Delivery, Wadhwani AI

Labeller team help me with the project with our multiple clients. I enjoyed working on the platform because of the simple UI.

Will Dehnert
Co - Founder, Perceptly Inc.

High Quality Data

Procure curated annotated datasets for multiple use case
Proven methodology and expertise to measure and deliver quality results
Built-in features that monitor and improve quality during and after annotations
Inter annotator agreement

Highly curated and trained professional annotators at scale

Access to world’s best annotation workforce with decades of experience
Availability of domain experts from various industries
Reduced bias in results thanks to our globally representative workforce in every continent
5000+ trained full-time annotators from secured facility with complete supervision

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Why you should consider labellerr over superannotate?


Labellerr provides a wide range of annotation types, numerous export options, and built-in quality control tools. It interfaces effortlessly with numerous tools and frameworks, ensuring high-quality labeled data. Labellerr's API allows for bespoke integrations, making it an appealing solution for data annotation tasks. Overall, Labellerr's wide range of features and versatility make it a tempting choice for data annotation tasks.

Does labellerr support security and privacy?


To secure user data, Labellerr prioritizes security and privacy. To protect sensitive data, labellerr employs techniques such as data encryption, access restrictions, and secure infrastructure. Labellerr follows industry best practices to protect the confidentiality and integrity of user data.

Superannotate vs Labellerr: Which one provides better-automated labeling?


Both SuperAnnotate and Labellerr offer automatic labeling that can aid in the data labeling process. The decision between the two can be influenced by additional factors including pricing, supported data types, and the demands of a particular project.

Which is more affordable: Labellerr or Superannotate?


Labellerr is one of the most affordable data annotation platforms, with flexible pay-as-you-go alternatives that allow customers to pay only for the resources they utilize. This can be useful for small teams or projects with limited resources. 

What types of data formats are not supported by Superannotate?


There are several data formats that Superannotate does not support. These are often proprietary or rare formats that are unique to certain tools or systems.

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