Annotate data with the most powerful AI-assistive tool

Feature rich data annotation tool helps teams of all sizes to perform data labeling project workflow with utmost convenience keeping data secure. Our AI-assistive tool guides annotators to perform their best, reducing time in quality check.

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Label data accurately

With our feedback loop governing the labeling engine, it provides
smart assistance to the labeling team by giving alerts and real time
feedback. Annotators are always aware where they need to focus
more and annotate carefully.

Label data at super speed

Multiple next gen features like assistive labeling - autodraw and 
personalized training cues. Help annotators to annotate at super
speed without compromising quality.

Get the professional help

Access to a professional labeling workforce having multiple years
of experience on your industry use case, like medical imaging,
geo-spatial and autonomous vehicle

High transparency with highly
interactive dashboard

All the actions performed on the tool get stored to give you a better idea to
manage your timeline,cost and output. Pinpoint the bottleneck and error
occurrence in realtime. Customize the data pipeline that works best for
the project. Fun part is that it can be automated.

Highly collaborative

Multi level user access to give power to the admin while making
sure team is not stuck in silo. Real Time feedback, assistive cues
and remark system give better result while collaborating.

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