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Data Labeling Tool Pricing: Labellerr's Usage Based Flexible Pricing

Data Labeling Tool Pricing: Why should you consider Labellerr for your data labeling process?
Data Labeling Tool Pricing: Why should you consider Labellerr for your data labeling process?

High-quality labeled data is the key to releasing the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning in today's data-driven environment.

Data labeling becomes an essential stage in the success of firms and researchers who work to create cutting-edge algorithms and models.

Data labeling might be a difficult, time-consuming, and frequently expensive procedure. With its amazing features and reasonable pricing, Labellerr revolutionizes the data labeling landscape in this situation.

This blog will go into the topic of data labeling tool pricing and explain why Labellerr is the best option for all your data labeling requirements. Get ready to learn about a game-changing solution called Labellerr, the data labeling tool of choice for forward-thinking businesses, which combines outstanding quality, an easy-to-use interface, and unparalleled value.

How can Labellerr help you in your AI Model development process?

Data Labeling

Labellerr is a data annotation platform that helps data science teams to simplify the manual mechanisms involved in the AI-ML product lifecycle. We are highly skilled at providing you with opportunities to train data for a variety of use cases with various domain authorities.

Labellerr provides a wholly on-premise solution for businesses that operate in settings without an internet connection. The software can be installed on your own hardware or in your cloud infrastructure.

Pricing of Labellerr-Best Data Labeling Platform

Labellerr offers different pricing options including:

1. Starter Plan

For individuals or small teams wishing to efficiently annotate and manage their datasets, the Starter Plan offers a variety of tools and capabilities. Users are given a significant data credit of up to 100 per month, which allows them to handle a sizable amount of data.

Popular data types supported by the plan include jpg, png, wav, mp4, and pdf, with corresponding size restrictions for images, videos, and pdfs.

Additionally provided are annotation types, enabling users to annotate their data in accordance with their unique requirements. The strategy contains modules for managing users and datasets and a project management module to plan and coordinate annotating initiatives.

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) for images is another tool that aids users in understanding their image collections.

100 Annotation projects are included in the Starter Plan, giving you plenty of room to classify and annotate a variety of data. The annotation procedure is made easier, more streamlined, and more logical with the addition of prompt-based labeling.

Support for customer onboarding enables a seamless transition and offers guidance on how to use the plan to its fullest potential.

Within 24 to 48 hours, email support is available throughout business hours (9 am to 6 pm IST). The plan also provides access to APIs, enabling integration with other procedures and systems. The cost of adding more seats is $49 per user per month.

2. Pro Plan

For teams and individuals engaged in project management and data annotation, the Pro Plan offers a complete set of capabilities. It enables team cooperation with the 10 seats offered.

The plan offers a sizable data credit of up to 2500 per month and supports a number of different data types, including jpg, png, wav, mp4, pdf, and txt. A flexible file size limit of up to 2MB for images, 5MB for videos, and 1MB for PDFs is also provided.

Users of the Pro Plan can efficiently annotate their datasets by choosing from a variety of supported data types. It offers user administration and dataset management components, allowing for efficient project organization and management. The plan also has a project management feature for efficient workflow administration.

Exploratory data analysis (EDA) for images, one of the Pro Plan's noteworthy features, is useful for comprehending and preparing image data. It is appropriate for teams working on numerous projects at once because it supports unlimited annotation projects and prompt-based labeling.

In order to guarantee prompt assistance, customer onboarding support is offered, and email support is offered during business hours. The plan includes API access, allowing for process and system integration.

The customization possibilities are further improved by smart guidelines and the availability of attaching one's own models on demand.

The Pro Plan is designed for customers who need sophisticated data annotation tools, effective project management, and integration with third-party ML training systems. It is ideal for groups or individuals working in disciplines including artificial intelligence research, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and natural language processing.

The Pro Plan's extensive feature set offers the resources required for efficient data annotation, project coordination, and model building.

3. Enterprise Plan

For businesses that need sophisticated data annotation and management tools, the Enterprise Plan provides a full range of functionality. It offers limitless seating, enabling massive teams to successfully collaborate.

Users are free to upload and annotate data with an infinite data credit. To meet the needs of different businesses, the plan supports a wide variety of data types, including jpg, png, wav, mp4, pdf, txt, dicom, lidar, and nifti.

Users can customize their data entry procedure by using customized uploads for images, videos, and pdfs. Additionally, the design provides comprehensive support for various annotation type needs.

The project management module assists in effectively organizing annotation projects, while the user and dataset management modules streamline administrative duties.

All supported data types are fully supported by the Enterprise Plan's EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) capabilities, enabling customers to learn more and take wiser decisions. An organized annotation process is made possible by prompt-based labeling and infinite annotation projects, which enable enormous labeling tasks.

Organizations are guaranteed support anytime they require it thanks to customer onboarding assistance and round-the-clock email, chat, and call support. Customer satisfaction is further increased by tailored response times that adhere to particular needs.

The CDK's API access enables seamless system and workflow integration. Smart standards and the availability of other annotation providers provide more freedom and knowledge.

Advanced use cases are made possible by the plan's ability to attach custom models, such as those from Hugging Face, OpenCV, GCP Vision API, and AWS SageMaker. While model-assisted labeling and active learning maximize the effectiveness of annotation, data localization ensures compliance with data rules.

Data quality and collaboration are further improved by smart quality assurance features, inter-annotator agreement, scheduling data import/export, and smart data curation.

The Enterprise Plan is designed for organizations that need sophisticated data annotation and management tools, such as those engaged in extensive machine learning projects, AI-driven research, or businesses in data-intensive sectors.

The plan is a great option for businesses wishing to optimize the value of their AI initiatives and improve their data annotation workflows due to its extensive features, scalability, and support.

Wait! Wait! We have an Amazing Deal for you!

We know that your requirements change according to different deals, changes in your AI model plan, or other specific requirements. So, if you are wondering about a change in data, you will have the only option that is to upgrade your plan.

Then, Wait! We have something for you.

Our add data credits option gives you the freedom to upgrade your plan within your budget! Not only this, we allow you to increase your seats by including data annotators in your plan.

Got it! You are finding it difficult to understand. Don’t worry, we will help you.

Suppose you have purchased our starter plan at 49 USD/month. In this plan, you have only 1 seat and 100 data credits per month only. But now, if you want to add more seats, then you can do it by paying only 49 USD/user/month.

For certain reasons, your data increases from 100 datasets to 20,100 datasets but you only have a starter plan. So, for this, you can avail more data credits:

Data credits


0 to 10,000

149 USD per 1000

10,001 to 50,000

119 USD per 1000

50,001 above

99 USD per 1000

So, in your case, you will have to pay for 20,000 extra data. As you already have 100 data credits per month.


(Total data credits-20,100, Already having data credits-100/month, Required data credits-20,000)

  • For 20,000 extra credits, you will have to pay 119 USD per 1000 data credits.
  • So as per 1000 additional data credits, it will be 20, 000/1000=20
  • Total purchase: 20 x 119=2380 USD/per month

Similar goes with data credits up to 10,000 or 50,001 data credits.
But suppose you have instead of 20,100, you have 20, 200, then in this case:


(Total data credits-20,200, Already having data credits-100/month, Required data credits-20,100)

  • So, you will have to purchase 21,000 additional credits as we offer credits for up to 1000 additional data.
  • So as per 1000 additional data credits, it will be 21, 000/1000=21
  • Total purchase: 21 x 119=2499 USD/per month

Note: For getting data credits, your subscription plan should be activated!

Which Plan is the Best According to Your Needs?

The "Enterprise Plan," seems to offer a strong set of features appropriate for businesses with sophisticated data annotation needs.

Consider aspects like the size of your team, the quantity and complexity of your data, your budget, and any unique annotation requirements you may have when choosing the right package for your purposes.

Contacting Us directly and speaking with their sales or customer support team about your specific requirements is also beneficial. We will be in the best position to give you individualized advice and suggest the strategy that is optimal for your company.

Interested in Purchasing Any Plan? Reach out to us

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You are invited to enter Labellerr's world of cutting-edge technology and endless possibilities.

Enter the magical world of Labellerr to see how data annotation possibilities play out like a thrilling narrative. Labellerr invites you to realize the full potential of your team by providing you with unlimited seats and data credit.

Your data will be supported by a wide variety of data types, including photos, videos, PDFs, and more, and will be meticulously brought to life. Become enchanted by prompt-based labeling, user and dataset administration modules, and complete EDA capabilities for all data kinds.

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