Auto Labeling Tool To Turn Raw Images Into Labels In Minutes

Our zero-shot label generation engine uses foundation model based automated data labeling to enable ML teams to generate large volume of labeled data. Generative AI powered automated  labeling makes it super fast.

What Is Auto Labeling

Auto labeling is the process where AI predict the label by itself. Reducing or replace the human in the loop from the labeling process. Model-assisted labeling, active learning based labeling are few example. LabelGPT have taken the process to one step further using combination of multiple foundation models to achieve zero shot labeling.

How LabelGPT Works?

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3 Simple Steps To Generate Large Volume, High Quality Labels

step 1

Import your data

Connect your images on your cloud  (AWS, GCP, Azure and API) or from local to our platform

step 2

Give prompt

Give classes/object needed to label as a text prompt. Select your labeling type  as bounding box or segmentation

step 3

Review the labels

Get labelled images in just few minutes with confidence score. Push the export to the ML training engine via our integration.

LabelGPT Features

Mutiple Open Datasets to Chose

Select from multiple open- source dataset from our data library to experiment
Mutiple Open Datasets to Chose
Input Prompt

Input Prompt

Give Class Name As a prompt that you want to label

Upload Your Data

Upload your own images to see the power of zero-shot annotation
Upload Your Data

LabelGPT Benefits

Build Vision/NLP/LLM Model Faster With 75% Less Cost

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