Life at Labellerr: Himanshi's internship story

Life at Labellerr: Himanshi's internship story
Life at Labellerr: Himanshi's internship story

Greetings! I am Himanshi, a double major student in Computer and Cognitive Science from Thapar School of Liberal and Arts Sciences, Patiala. Throughout my academic journey, I have always been fascinated by the realms of AI and computer vision. To deepen my understanding and gain practical experience,I decided to do an internship. Labellerr, a leading provider of labeling solutions, offered me the perfect opportunity to explore the world of computer vision, marketing and communication.

Why I Chose to Pursue an Internship

After completing two years of my graduation, My college's curriculum required an internship, and I realized it was an excellent chance to gain hands-on experience. Labellerr came highly recommended by my college, and I was intrigued by their concept of an AI-powered collaborative data engine.

The Quest for Internship and Discovering Labellerr

Initially, I had some basic knowledge of computer vision and AI, and it always left me amazed. My curiosity led me to select an internship in marketing and communication, as I wanted to understand how AI-based products scale up to business success. During the application process, I had a meaningful conversation with Sumit Sir, who introduced me to Labellerr.

The Interview Process

In the first round, I had an introductory call with Sumit Sir, where we discussed about my aspirations and objectives. He enlightened me about company’s vision and values. The subsequent round involved summarizing a blog about BERT and designing it in Canva. This task challenged me to present the content succinctly while ensuring clarity and comprehension. After completing the task, I eagerly awaited a response. Finally, I received an email and call informing me that I had secured the opportunity to intern at Labellerr, which filled me with excitement and gratitude for this opportunity.

Onboarding and Initial Sessions

My internship journey at Labellerr commenced on June 7, 2023. Sumit Sir initiated a session to introduce me to the projects I would be working on and the potential learning opportunities ahead. Understanding the product and its services was vital for effective marketing, so I dived into learning all about Labellerr's training data platform.

My Typical Work Day

My typical workday at Labellerr was filled with diverse tasks, and some of the most prominent ones included creating impactful business presentations and working on report-related activities. This involved researching and then designing compelling presentations using tools like Canva, as well as analyzing research papers to gather relevant content for the reports. These tasks has enabled me to effectively communicate complex ideas, data, and findings in a visually appealing and engaging manner.


As a newcomer, the technical terms and concepts initially felt overwhelming. However, the team proved to be incredibly patient and understanding. Step by step, they guided me through the intricacies of computer vision, AI model, and their product, making the learning process manageable. Adapting to the work culture and the discipline of working from 9 to 6 daily was initially difficult, However,  I eventually learned and embraced them effectively.

New Things I Learned

Attending sessions with Labellerr's marketing team was a great experience. I gained insights into their smart feedback loop and streamlined AI-ML product processes. They leverage advanced technology to generate training data for various use cases, reducing reliance on subject matter experts and speeding up data generation. I also learned how the marketing team effectively promotes Labellerr through informative blogs, engaging social media posts ,newsletters and other strategies to drive brand awareness and attract customers. It was fascinating to witness their comprehensive approach to marketing Labellerr's offerings. The exposure to such knowledge expanded my horizons.


In conclusion, at Labellerr, you get to be yourself. It's a place where collaboration and individuality go hand in hand. You're encouraged to explore and learn new things.The team's supportive approach and well-balanced combination of challenges deepened my knowledge in real-world AI and computer vision products.Having dedicated mentors was instrumental in enriching my learning experience. I am grateful for this incredible opportunity, and I look forward to applying these newfound skills and knowledge in my future endeavors. The experience has really strengthened my academic foundation,

Thank you Labellerr for this incredible journey!

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