Labellerr's MNIST like data set for Halloween constumes

Labellerr's MNIST like data set for Halloween constumes
Halloween Datasets

Happy Halloween, folks! In the spirit of the season, we thought it would be awesome to create datasets containing images of Halloween costumes. It is an open-source experiment that is open for all to contribute to make this data set bigger and more useful and accessible to the community at large. This data set will be free for all to build great AI products.

What this data set would contain?

Here we're collecting costume images for

  1. Boys
  2. Girls
  3. Men
  4. Women
  5. Infant/toddler

wearing costumes ideas from movies, gothic, creatures, monsters, and whatnot.

Who labels the data set?

Initially, Labellerr will share all the images labeled by our team internally.

In the coming days, we'll make a workflow easy for the contributor to use the Labellerr tool for free to label images and create the export and upload the images directly to our central repository.

How can we use the data set?

You can directly try out the data set from here for free or see it directly in Labellerr's application.

Who can use this data set?

Anyone from ML researchers, CV engineers, students, organizations, or non-profits to perform small-scale experiments to production roll-out, it's up to you.

All the crowd contributions will be open and accessible to the community, so anyone and everyone can use them.

Some use cases in which this dataset would be useful

In most of the open-source experiments, we found that people build great and innovative products using the data set available, so we'll leave it up to the creative genius of the community.

Here, some use cases we can think of are-

  1. E-commerce cataloging
  2. Ad creatives insight analytics

and many more... any suggestions, write to us.

Please feel free to contact us at for all your queries, suggestions, and help to make this a success.

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