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Data Labelling at scale is an important concern for an organization since creating labels on large data sets by hand is often too slow and expensive

Work Quality and Worker productivity is difficult to track in case of crowd sourcing and freelance data labelling services

Domain and context capabilities specific to tasks are limited with workers on crowd sourcing platforms, contractors and freelancers

We’ve got it all covered for you


Object Detection


Point/Dot Annotation


Audio Annotation


Video Annotation


Text OCR


Brand Identification


Tomato Harvesting


Warehouse Inventory


Vehicle Detection


Plant Disease Detection

How does it work?

Define Project Requirements

Select the data type(Image, Text, Audio, Video) and annotation type(Bounding box, classification, polyline, polygon etc) required for your dataset to be labeled

Step 1

Upload your data

Quick and secure data upload using connectors like Google Drive, Dropbox, AWS, GCP etc

Step 2

Start Labelling

Label your uploaded datasets using our well-structured labeling panel

Step 3

Grow Rapidly

Label data with 10x speed using our 'Auto Labeling' feature and review only the datasets having low confidence score

Step 4

Export Your Data

Download a zip file with a combination of image and corresponding XML/JSON file and use the same to train your AI model

Step 5

Labellerr in Action!

  1. You can label your data at 10x speed using Labellerr's 'Auto Labeling' feature
  2. You'll be able to track work quality and worker productivity with a personalised dashboard experience
  3. No need to review each dataset, instead review only the one's having low confidence score

Take a look at our platform

Multiple Data Import Options

You can import data from various connectors like:

  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Amazon S3
  • Azure File Storage
  • APIs
  • FTPs

Confidence Score

Each dataset to be labelled will be given confidence score so that the reviewer can focus on reviewing datasets having low confidence score.

Quick Filters For Reviewing

Reduce review life cycle by applying various filters like:

  • Annotator type
  • Data type
  • Data labelled confidence

Approve All/Reject All

Reviewer can approve/reject all files based on their confidence score. Thus, reducing the length of the review cycle.

Add Remarks

Reviewer can put remarks and reject a file/dataset for further annotation.


Reports Panel

One can view all his saved reports at one place and can export the training data on a single click.

Image Enhancer

Auto-enhance low quality images before they get labelled.


High quality data annotations with unbeatable service

team goal

Dedicated & Managed Team

Dedicated team headed by a project manager takes full accountability to ensure the timely delivery of project.


Pricing Flexibility

Pay per task or hourly. Choose a pricing model that works best with your business needs and budget.



Dedicated team headed by a project manager takes full account abilit Leverage our expertise to scale your business to reach new heights. Increase or downsize as per business needs.


Smart Tech

Our team makes use of the latest technologies to streamline business process for best results.


Highly Skilled Workforce

We recruit, train, certify and manage a highly skilled workforce. We don’t crowdsource or freelance.


Best In Class Accuracy

Labellerr skilled workforce delivers best-inclass accuracy and data integrity. We pride ourselves to deliver 99.5% quality work.

Select the plan that suites your requirements the best

plan card

Price per Task

We can give pricing based on the task complexity and it’s size


Price per Hour

You can pay per person per hour basis


Price per Object

You can pay per document/form/line


Full Time Equivalent rate FTE (Monthly)

You can also pay basis FTE working 5 days a week, 8 hours in a day, around 160 hours in a month

We integrate with the leaders in Machine Learning giving you the best combination of Machine Intelligence combined with Human Intelligence.

google drive

Google Cloud Platform

amazon web server

Amazon Web Services


Microsoft Azure

and more...

We’d love to hear from you

Whether you have a question about features, trials, pricing, need a demo or anything else, our team is ready to answer all your questions.

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